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VoiceMasters had the world premier of these tracks, which consist of NEW SONGS by Jim never before heard, NEW ALTERNATE vocals (none of these was recorded at RCA — all were done in other studios or live), NEW overdubs, NEW concert recordings! These rarities are thrilling, historic performances that you will treasure as precious collectibles for years to come!

Some enchanted evening, under a star-studded and moonlight August sky, a very rare musical event took place that had never happened before and would never happen again. Jim Reeves, the ex-baseball player-turned-disc jockey and then worldwide singing star, donned a tuxedo with tails to join a group of 56 musicians for an outdoor concert in Nashville's Centennial Park. VoiceMasters is proud to present the world premier of Jim's long-awaited live concert with the Nashville Symphony, recorded in the summer of 1961. The richness of Jim's trademark velvet voice that comes through in his studio recordings is even more amply demonstrated in these live settings, with audio so clear and rich, you can even hear the crickets chirp in the background. Close your eyes, and you'll think Jim Reeves has come back to life and is standing there right in front of you. Besides singing classics like “Danny Boy”, Jim offers us live performances of three songs for which no other live recordings are known to exist: Cindy Walker's “I Was Just Walking Out the Door”, “A Room Full of Roses”, and “Streets of Laredo”. He also does a very pretty rendition of his biggest hit, “He'll Have To Go”, with a fresh orchestral arrangement and big string section! Also presented on this CD is the famous live concert Jim did in Oslo, Norway on April 15,1964. The audio track has been expertly remastered for crisp and beautiful sound. The Anita Kerr Singers also sing with Jim. He does “I Love You Because”, “Bimbo”, “Four Walls”, “Blue Canadian Rockies”, “Yonder Comes A Sucker” and “Adios Amigo”. The bonus tracks on this VoiceMasters CD are really unique, and include two country rock numbers never before released: “Something To Rock About” and “Step Aside Shallow Water”. Other unreleased songs include “I'm A Hit Again” (the last song he ever recorded, in his basement studio at his home, with just a guitar) and a reverential one called “There's A Light Shining Through”. If you think Jim Reeves was good before, you'll think you underestimated him after you listen to these live concern performances. No one anywhere else in the world has released the Symphony concert or demos. This CD will be a true keepsake for you and your family to enjoy in the years to come!

VoiceMasters is once again proud to present a collection of Jim Reeves rarities, including vocal tracks that have never before been released, all new instrumental accompaniment and extended versions of familiar songs. You've no doubt heard Jim sing “Am I Losing You”, but you've never heard our version. We unearthed what may arguably be the best performance Jim ever recorded on this self-penned song. We've added Bosendorfer piano, strings and a background singers to update this pretty song. For a change of pace, we present a lively new contemporary rendition of “Gypsy Feet”, with an acoustic ensemble. It would fit right in at any country dance club! We give you Jim’s extended version of “Crying Is My Favorite Mood”, with an arrangement reminiscent of Nelson Riddle. VM is also proud to present a song that Mary Reeves never released or overdubbed -- our title track, “I’ve Forgotten You”. Mr. Reeves never forsook his country roots, as he proves with “Each Time You Leave”. We bring a new backing to “How’s the World Treating You”. Another standard is “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”, which likewise has a fresh arrangement that will make the song sound very different to you. Jim also liked up-tempo numbers and on “I Get the Blues When It Rains”, he sings it differently than he had before. Another chestnut is “My Lips Are Sealed”. You will delight in this polished number, with an orchestra backing and melodic chorus. You have heard “Trying To Forget” before, but we have a longer version, plus transformed it with new instruments and even a French horn. Thus it takes on a whole new feel. Another new one is the country-flavored “You”e the Sweetest Thing”. Jim is smooth as velvet on “Blues In My Heart”, with the Anita Kerr singers and strings behind him, and he does a finger-snapping, toe-tapping Big Band version of “Everywhere You Go”. We make history by debuting a different rendition of “I'm A Hit Again”. Since the song had its birth as an unfinished demo in Jim Reeves' basement studio, we decided to return to its place of origin and record the overdub right there in Jim's former home just outside Nashville (where there is still a working studio). Our musicians, arranger George Bradfute and singer Kristi Rose added background tracks. In so doing, we completed a song that had its origins in that very room more than 46 years ago! Oh, if the walls could talk! In addition to being both surprised and delighted by the sound quality, you're sure to enjoy the extensive liner notes by Reeves biographer Larry Jordan, including never-before-seen photos. This is a limited pressing not sold in stores!

Once again, VoiceMasters presents the world premier of some very rare and previously unreleased Jim Reeves recordings. There are also new versions of familiar classics. All 12 of the songs have been overdubbed with beautiful new musical arrangements for a fresh, contemporary sound. You will be in awe of how clear and intimate these songs sound today. Even the photos in the CD packaging are new and have never been seen by fans before. One highlight of the album is the first new overdub of Jim Reeves' most famous demo, “Distant Drums”, since it topped the charts in 1966! A compelling new orchestral sound, plus an all-male chorus, add poignant new meaning to the lyrics at a time when Americans are once again going off to war. The title track, “Shepherd Of Love”, is another rarity. Famed saxophonist Mike Duva has been brought in to underscore the jazz mood. Jim never cut a master on “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, but VoiceMasters has found a real treasure here. He sounds like he's singing with the Boston Pops. It is sure to be a favorite of yours for many Christmases to come. Also included are new vocals by Jim singing his signature song, “He'll Have To Go” in a new arrangement. On “Billy Bayou”, famed singer Wesley Pritchard harmonizes with Jim. One of the prettiest songs on the CD is “Lonesome Waltz”. Unlike an earlier version put out by his label years ago, on the VM release the audio on Jim’s voice is bell clear. The arrangement has a real country/bluegrass feel — with mandolin, fiddle and upright bass. We proudly present an unreleased version of Jim singing “Is It Really Over?” that you've never heard before. Other updated favorites include “I Know One”, and “Pride Goes Before A Fall”. We add strings and a pretty chorus to the beautiful “I Love You Because”. The CD concludes with a reverential favorite that, so far as is known, was the last religious song Jim Reeves ever recorded, in the summer of 1964: “He Will”. The accompaniment on this is new too! This is a real collector's item not found anywhere else!

This CD contains 14 NEW overdubs of rare and previously unreleased Jim Reeves vocals, bringing to life this great artist as if he was still recording today! A talented team of musicians, arrangers and background singers have taken these tracks and added new music. The quality is stunning! AS A BONUS, hear Jim in an intimate, 40-minute interview with famed deejay Bill Mack talk about his life, his music and his career! Tracks include a new vocal on “Need Me” (a song Jim was inspired to write by his previously unknown intimate friend and publicist, Bea Terry after a frightening experience in her life that touched Reeves deeply), “Yours,” “Deep Dark Water,” “I’m Beginning To Forget You,” “Heartbreakin’ Baby,” “Blue Boy,” “Standby,” “My Happiness,” “I’m Gonna Change Everything,” “I Don’t See Me (In Your Eyes Anymore),” “White Christmas,” 40-minute far-ranging interview with Jim Reeves; “Mexican Joe” (new version); “He’ll Have To Go”, “It’s Nothin’ To Me” (a new rendition far better than the original studio master!)

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